Chromatography in the Flood Zone

Chromatography in the Flood Zone

Preliminary Research

Mikhail Semyonovich Tsvet, 1872-1919

Industrial column chromatography.

Simple chalk stick chromatographic test.
Chromatography used in rapid covid tests.

Chromatography used in drug tests.

DNA cellulose chromatography.
Fountain pen ink analysed via paper filter chromatography.
Coffee filter chromatography.
Marker dye separation.
“Accidental” chromatographic record on sheetrock caused by flood.
“Accidental” chromatographic record on paper caused by broken pipe.
30 North Main St., Rhode Island Department of Emergency Management Agency Floodplain Map
High water plaque commemorating the hurricane of 1938, 15 Westminster Street, Providence, RI.
Sea level measurement from Providence area tide gauge since 1950.
Interstate 95 flooded at the Thurbers Avenue Curve in Providence, Rhode Island, on Monday, Sept. 5, 2022.
Detail of Milky, 2023 by Matt King featuring water-stained plaster.
Wreath, 2009 by Matt King. Water-based ink on paper.